THANK YOU TO EVERYONE — We are In the Midst of Transition and Currently CLOSED!
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THANK YOU TO EVERYONE — We are In the Midst of Transition and Currently CLOSED!

Welcome to Doodlisms!

Home of the original pocket-sized deck of 31 daily inspiration cards, Doodlisms™. Created as a daily pick-me-up, each card in the Doodlisms deck combines encouragement alongside a joyful doodle. "They are really gorgeous and the artwork is beautiful with a great mix of the colorful, fun, inspirational, cute, quirky, and unique. I love the card-holder that's included, it's a perfect way to see my card each day." 

In addition, there is a range of greeting cards, postcards, art prints, hand painted watercolor cards, and sticky-note pads. Each piece combines art + words + a splash of humor, all designed to fill the heart and feed the soul.

One of our frequent Sunday pop-up destinations is at the Channel Islands Farmers Market, Ventura, CA, as well as the Brentwood Farmers Market, Los Angeles.  We hope to see you! 

Doodlisms inspiration 31-card deck

Doodlisms at Channel Islands Farmers Market

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Join the UPrising!

Join the UPrising! and partner with us. We're on a mission to help lift every one up and spread a little joy. Add $1 to any purchase and we'll mail a little pick-me-up in the form of a Doodlisms™ card on your behalf, just let us know who you'd like to nominate at time of purchase. 

What better way to tell someone you care than to surprise him or her with an unexpected chuckle and a dash of encouragement! We'll add a quick note from you, as well. 

Join the UPrising with Doodlisms

 Let's lift each other up!