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Welcome to Doodlisms™

Here at the heart of it, we've been working on several  projects, one of which
is a complete update of the website, to include all our items: Art Prints,
Greeting Cards, Postcards, Post-it Note pads, fun magnets, original art,
plus our signature Doodlisms™ 31-card deck of daily whimsical inspiration.

Also on the slate is a new boxed set of 8 individual notecards. Perfect for
any occasion i.e. Thank You, Happy Birthday, Thinking of you, Sorry You're Sick,
Happy Mother's Day, etc.  Each one is a vibrant watercolor swirl forming an
open welcoming heart. COMING SOON.

BLOG :: An UPrising!

Spring Has Arrived

Spring Has Arrived

"...sunshine and blue skies announce the shift from Winter to a season of flowers and green leaves unfurlingit's a time that allows me to focus on new growth.

How do I want to shape what I create? How do I see what has yet to emerge? What parts of myself do I wish to encourage and which aspects do I choose to change and/or leave behind?..."

April 13, 2018 by C Camamile
New Items :: Coming to the Market

New Items :: Coming to the Market

"...It's an exciting time as more greeting cards, postcards, art prints, and sticky-note pads are joining the pocket-sized deck of whimsical daily inspiration at the booth. We are also getting ready to add all your favorite pieces right here to the website...though it may take a little while : ) "
November 17, 2016 by C Camamile
The Art of Connection

The Art of Connection

"....With the speed we’re able to connect through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on, we sometimes don’t see what’s right under our nose. Likely because we’re texting someone, or checking FB or our Instagram feeds. We don’t notice the little things. We’re not paying attention."
July 04, 2016 by C Camamile