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The Art of Connection

Doodlisms The Art of Connection

Sitting at my desk, I picked a Doodlisms™ card for today: The Art of Connection. Help Someone Unexpected. It shows an indigo tortoise giving a ride to a small snail, not a combination you’d expect!

With the speed we’re able to connect through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on, we sometimes don’t see what’s right under our nose. Likely because we’re texting someone, or checking FB or our Instagram feeds. We don’t notice the little things. We’re not paying attention. We don’t see when someone might need a helping hand, or to hold a mug while she’s grabbing her purse, or to hold a door because his arms are full. These are the small things that don’t cost anyone anything but could mean everything.

You never know that when you hold the door a few extra seconds for the person rushing behind you, that it might help them conquer an extra snarly meeting they are rushing to—in a seemingly small way you let them know someone was watching out for them, that they’re not alone. You reached out.

Allowing someone in front of you at the checkout stand might turn his or her day from feeling hugely unappreciated into a moment to pause and smile back—because you cared enough to put them first. You reached out and lifted them up.

I dare you to try it. Even for one day. Open your eyes to those around you, hold a door, smile a warm crinkle-your-eyes-I-appreciate-you smile at the person who just served you lunch, and I’ll bet you find your own day will be that much richer.

Let's lift each other UP!  



Juli Peden

Juli Peden said:

Carina, Cari shared your website with me. Your Doodlisms are wonderful!

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