THANK YOU TO EVERYONE — We are In the Midst of Transition and Currently CLOSED!
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THANK YOU TO EVERYONE — We are In the Midst of Transition and Currently CLOSED!
Doodlisms™ Decks Have Landed!

When Is It Good Enough?

After months of design, production, and printing challenges, including hiccups and at times screaming obstacles, the decks are now officially in stock. How thrilling! However, during the process I asked myself the following question many times: When is it good enough?  

Immersed in the task of creating something new, many of us can be plagued with that simple question, 'Is it good enough?' And, depending upon our definition, it can lead to a hearty dose of perfectionism resulting in a full-on assault of the never-being-happy virus. Sigh.

Launching a product based on my creative endeavors placed that phrase, "When is it good enough?” to the ultimate self test. Can you hear me roar? Actually, it’s more like a wimpy whiny screech of frustration. And, the ensuing comments, “But it’s not good enough” and “it’s taking too long” and “that gloss doesn’t meet my vision” and “that card stock is too flimsy,” and “it's too blue", and "I’m on a deadline," flooded my sanity for several weeks. Fortunately, I began to recognize the symptoms and tackled the spread of dis-ease ; )

It's been a case of identifying what is really important: What needs attention now vs what can be addressed in the next print run, or accomplished in a new edition. It's been an incredible journey to get to the beginning.

And there's so much more to come from Doodlisms™.  Exciting doesn't even begin to describe it. In the meantime, here is a new stack of Doodlisms™ decks, happily shrink-wrapped and nestled in their individual boxes, before being shipped to their new homes.  

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