THANK YOU TO EVERYONE — We are In the Midst of Transition and Currently CLOSED!
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THANK YOU TO EVERYONE — We are In the Midst of Transition and Currently CLOSED!
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Doodlisms Bee and Flower Love Card

It has been quite the journey, bringing to life this first deck of cards. Exhilarating, exciting, stressful, amazing, and plenty of opportunities to navigate a slew of road bumps. Mostly, I have needed to keep the faith. Faith in myself. To know I could achieve it. 

My doodle passion re-emerged last year. My favorite brother, ok my only brother : ) was going through rather steep challenges in his life. He lives half way across the world and I couldn't just pop in and visit, or take him to lunch or a movie to cheer him up. I started sending him cards every week and would add a drawing, or doodle, to show him some love. Weeks became months and I looked forward to the time spent drawing for him.

Doodlisms inspired by

Along the way, I discovered that the more I doodled, the more ideas poured in from every direction—including creating and designing a deck of cards. I jumped on it whole heartedly and the first creation from Doodlisms was born. A happy baby, with bright eyes, and dimpled cheeks.

We're fast moving beyond the first test print run, or kindergarten, and enjoying high school. Next is college, then the world ; )  What a ride, and we've only just begun.

My dearest wish for you, is that these cards, with each bright little critter, give you a big heart-opening cheerful grinjust as they do for me. 

I look forward to bringing you lots more cheerful creativity!





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